Sports Betting Rules

  1. All bets accepted by Kralbet.com are subject to the following rules.
  2. Kralbet.com is responsible for incorrectly opened odds, wrongly spelling team names or odds reversed, or Canceling any bet due to bets placed after any match has started, except live bets reserves the right. Once a bet has been confirmed, it cannot be changed.
  3. Kralbet.com reserves the right to refuse, limit, cancel or limit any bet. amount.
  4. Bets are settled when the respective match is completed.
  5. The winning options or options of each bet are based on the outcome of the match played and completed on the published date. determines; Kralbet.com does not recognize the results changed by the appeal, the results determined for betting purposes and reserves the right to void bets on these matches. After the start of any match If the match is postponed or cannot be completed for any reason, Kralbet.com bets rules section of the relevant sport branch and according to these rules, bets are settled.Persons under the age of 18 cannot make a bet
  6. All the rules, regulations, payment methods written here, Kralbet.com replaceable. members are responsible for following the rules and regulations periodically.
  7. The maximum bet amount that can be made on matches is determined by Kralbet.com and Kralbet.com reserves the right to change limits on personal accounts.
  8. In case of accidentally loading any balance into the member's account, Kralbet.com will be notified without delay. It is the responsibility of the member. Incorrectly processed balance to Kralbet.com account in accounts with negative balance reserves the right to cancel pending bets, whether made with or not.
  9. Members are responsible for every transaction in their account. Therefore before you confirm any bet Make sure that the information in your coupon and bet is correct. After any transaction is confirmed it cannot be changed back again. Kralbet.com does not take the responsibility of bets that are made incompletely or accidentally approved by the member several times and does not make any changes to the bets approved. every member approves After placing a bet, he must check whether his bets are accepted in the "My Account" section.
  10. Complaints, protests or disputes about any bet, seven (7) days from the date of the match. must be reported by the member. Applications made after this period will not be accepted. Every member responsible for their own account transactions.
  11. All account balances and transaction amounts are in the account currency type selected by the member during registration. shown.
  12. Winnings are always calculated using European (decimal) odds. When using the British odds system, the rates Rounding differences may occur as fractions are usually more than 2 digits.
  13. Kralbet.com can suspend the account of any member and remove the entire account balance without prior warning. reserves the right to transfer it to the member's main account.
  14. If there is any difference or disagreement in the various translations of the site in the Terms and Conditions, the English version is based.
  15. Combinations (Parlay, Multi): We accept up to 10 results in a ganyan. Some results for example: with Chelsea being champions in the English Premier League, the last deciding game is If a home team's win is entered together, these bets will be void.16. All bets placed with a system bet do not count towards the placing requirement in terms of the Bonus.
  16. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn after the last investment is 100.000 TL. For detailed information, please connect to live chat.
  17. In order to receive payment from the earnings of your investments, you must have a bet on sports betting at a minimum rate of 1.30 as your investment.

    In casino, slot and poker games, this rule is limited to your participation as much as your entire investment.

  18. You can follow your bets and predictions from your Kralbet membership account from the current scores on the left screen in the Live Betting section of our site. Kralbet is not responsible for bet purchases that may occur due to faulty software or a different result that may occur on the external site and the simulation screen on our site. Kralbet simulation takes into account the current scores on the Live betting tab outside the screen.
  19. The online money transfer and Cepbank investment bonuses, which are a Kralbet campaign, are limited to a maximum of 2000 TL during the day. Our members who benefit from the bonus of 2000 TL during the day can benefit from the non-cyclical bonuses again in the next day. football

The dates and starting times of the football matches on our site are indicative and their accuracy is not guaranteed. if If a match is postponed, all bets on this match are valid for 48 hours from the start of the match. In this time if If the match is completed, the bets are settled according to the match result. If the match is not completed within this time Bets on the match are considered void. Shorter if a match is postponed for more than 48 hours Bets may be settled void during the time.

If a postponed match is decided to be played within 48 hours and later postponed again The 48-hour validity rule of bets is likewise operated on the newly determined date and start time. This the loop (a) ends bets void if the match is postponed for more than 48 hours or (b) the final decision The rule that bets will be valid for 48 hours if a decision is made to be played within 48 hours after the given date. Unless otherwise stated, bets on the outcome of the match are 2 halves of 45 minutes and the referee is injured or other for the pauses, they are settled according to the result of the match, including the extra minutes added to the end of the match. Prolong In outgoing matches, extra minutes or penalty shootouts are not included in the match result. Sometimes private tournaments, Friendly matches or some special matches may not be played on the basis of 2 halves from 45 minutes each. Unless specifically stated by Kralbet.com, all bets will be valid on the result of the match.If a starting match is paused and interrupted for any reason before the full time has elapsed, the match If not completed within 48 hours, all bets on this match will be voided.

Over / Under Bets: The entire duration of the match must be completed for goal bets to be valid. is required.

American Football, Rugby and AFL

Minimum required time: Bets will be settled on the result of the match, with a minimum of 55 minutes played (including overtime). It is concluded according to.

If a match is paused after the 55th minute and is not completed on the same day, the match The match is paused, regardless of whether it was not completed or on any other date. Bets are settled according to the outcome in time. If a match is paused before 55 minutes and is not completed on the same day, all bets will be voided. All bets include extra minutes, unless otherwise stated.

In order for bets to be considered valid before the match, unless stated otherwise, the matches will take place on the specified date and on the specified date. must be played on the field.

Matches including overtime and extra time, if there are Rugby League and Rugby Union bets according to Australian rules. It is concluded according to the result. NFL prop bets are based on the information on the www.NFL.com website.

Information on www.Arenafootball.com web site is taken as basis for Arena Football prop bets. Bandy Hockey · The results of the bets do not include extra time unless otherwise stated. If extra time in some tournaments Includes extra time and penalty shootouts for those bets, if the included winner bets have been posted.

Play Time: If for any reason the duration of the match is changed from 2 x 45 minutes to 3 x 30 minutes format, the first half and All bets are considered valid, except bets on the results of the second half match.

Change of Course: If the field on which the match will be played changes, the bets made on the condition that the home team remain the same. it is considered exactly valid. However, if the home team changes with the change of field, the previous host According to the regulation, all bets accepted will be void.


9 periods (8.5 periods if the home team is ahead) for the total run (over / under) bets to be considered valid. must be completed. If the match is suspended in the extra halves, the home team will score in the last completed half. If the team did not make the tie or took the lead, if the last completed half did. Bets are settled on the outcome when the match is paused.

If the home team is not ahead at the end of the 4.5 period after 5 periods are completed in the game, the result of the game becomes official. If the game is paused, if the winner is in the last completed period, if the home team provides a tie or The result of the last completed half if he did not make the leading run, and if he did, the result when the match was paused. Bets are settled through. If the home team catches a tie and the match is paused and postponed bets will be voided.

Kralbet.com does not recognize the postponed matches, the results of the negotiated matches for betting purposes. All baseball In order for bets to be considered valid, the match must be played on the specified date. Otherwise bets are void

All baseball bets are considered independent of the starting shooters.

MLB Prop Betting Rules: In order for prop bets to be valid, all 9 periods of the match (8.5 half if If the home team is ahead) must be completed.For MLB Prop bets, information on the website www.MLB.com will be taken as basis.


Minimum required time: The minimum time required for bets to stand in NBA matches is 43 minutes. For all other basketball games, this minimum time is 35 minutes unless otherwise stated. Bets will be settled according to the result of the match, including extra time (minimum playing time in the above clause). provided that it is completed). If a match has completed the minimum required playing time, no If the match is stopped for this reason and is not completed on the same day, the date and score of the match regardless of whether the bet is settled on the score at the time the match was stopped. If a match is stopped for any reason before the minimum playing time has passed, and on the same day If not completed, all bets on this match will be voided. All basketball bets include extra time, unless otherwise stated. Unless otherwise stated before the match, for bets to stand, the match will be on the specified date and place. must be played. These rules apply equally to college and professional basketball games. NBA match and betting results are based on data from the NBA.com website.

NCAA match and betting results are based on the data on the espn.com website.


Bets include overtime unless otherwise stated. At least 6 finishes must be completed for bets to be considered valid. As a result of the match, the results registered by the tournament organization are accepted. Kralbet.com each accepts the tournament's own score and match rules. Tournament organization by remaining bets on matches that were postponed or interrupted for any reason. It is settled according to the match results declared by.


Match Bets: After the match has started, a player has The player who qualifies for the next round is the winner of the match. For matches where at least 1 shot was not made The bets are considered void. · Set Bets: All sets of the match must be completed for set bets to be considered valid. If for any reason all sets cannot be completed, set bets will be void.

Combat Sports

Bets are accepted regardless of how long the match lasts from the moment the first round start bell rings. is deemed to have been awarded and is settled according to the result of the match. Failure of any player to continue the match as a result of injury or foul before all rounds have been completed. a technical draw is awarded in the event.

All bets on matches that are not played will be void. If a match is a draw as the 3rd option, if the match ends in a draw, the bet is a draw. wins. If one of the players wins the match, the tie bet loses. If the match is a draw bet bets are void if the match ends in a draw, if only player victory odds are opened. counted.

Over / Under (total) bets include the total of completed rounds. Round numbers of 0.5 round 1 of the 3-minute round covers 30 seconds per minute. For example, 9.5 rounds corresponds to 1 minute and 30 seconds of the 10th round. 0.5 li rounds are equivalent to 1 minute in matches with 2-minute rounds, 2 minutes and 30 seconds in matches with 5-minute rounds is coming.

Bets are settled according to the official results of the matches. officials are expected to announce the official result of the match. Formal or informal appeal, legal proceedings, doping results modified by the appeal, due to control or similar reasons. is not taken.

Bets are settled within 30 days of the scheduled date, unless otherwise stated. applies.


Bets will be settled according to the normal time results of the matches. Unless otherwise stated, extra times are not included.

The bets on a match that has been abandoned before the normal time has expired for any reason will be placed on the same day. If it is not completed, it is considered invalid.

If a match is postponed to another date, bets on the match will be voided.

Unless otherwise stated, all bets are for regular time only. This includes two game periods and the referee's pauses and There is no time added for injuries. It does not include periods of extra time or penalty shootouts.

If a match is stopped before the full time has expired and is not completed on the same day, bets on the outcome of the match are void. count and all bets will be refunded.

Futsal start dates and times given on our website are indicative only and are guaranteed to be correct. is not. If a game is postponed, all bets will become effective 48 hours after the start. A postponed If we get the news that the game is scheduled again for more than two days, the pending bet all of those we will refund amounts immediately.

Change of location: If there is an official change of location before any bet, all bets before this moment considered invalid.


Bets on handball matches are settled according to the normal match time result. Extra times otherwise not taken into account unless specified.

If a match is postponed for any reason and the match is within 24 hours from the original starting time If not completed, bets on this match will be voided.

In the event of a change in the field where the match will be played, bets placed, unless the home team changes. valid. If the home team changes with the change of field, the bets placed will be void.

Prop Bets: All prop bets, covering the following markets, are for regular time, as long as the match is completed. results (excluding extra time): o Game total odd / even Double chance

Ice Hockey

Unless otherwise stated, all bets are based on regular time only (Extra time and penalty shootouts). except) is concluded. for example: Rangers vs Kings match ends in a 3-3 draw in regular time and in extra time Let's assume that the Rangers team won 4-3 matches. In the settlement of bets on this match, the The result of the regular time 3-3 will be used. · If a bet type is included in extra times this will be clearly shown in the match list. From this Please check carefully the betting options.

Penalty kicks are considered as part of the extra time. 1 extra goal for the winner of the penalty shootout given.

For example: Dinamo vs CSKA ended in a 2-2 draw, penalty shootout, and Dinamo Let's assume that his team won the penalty shootout. In this case for betting options that include extra time Bets are settled as the result of the match Dinamo 3-2 CSKA.

Minimum time required: Matches must be played at least 55 minutes for bets to be considered valid. If one If the match is paused before the 55th minute and is not completed on the same day, bets on this match will be voided. Poker

The player who finishes the tournament with the most money is the winner.

For bets to win the tournament to be valid, the player must have started the tournament.


Match bets are settled on the player who officially won the match. After the match has started, any therefore, if the match cannot be completed, the player who qualifies to advance to the next round or to win the tournament The winner of the match is considered and bets are settled accordingly. Bets on this match if the match never starts is considered invalid.

Set (Frame) bets results are settled over the total final score of the snooker match. If a match If it starts and cannot be completed for any reason, bets on this match will be void.

Ping pong

If the started matches cannot be completed for any reason, bets placed on this match will be void.

Set bets and correct score bets are settled according to the final result of the match.

In case of team matches, if the same two players play 2 matches, the bets will be only the result of the 1st match is taken as basis for the finalization.


Any player must take the first set of the competition for any reason (injury or disqualification). If not, all bets made for this event will be voided and their amounts will be refunded to the player. However, there are exceptions for some of the rules listed below: a) If the first set is completed, the bet will be settled according to the position of the leading player. b) If the match is abandoned due to any natural event after the first set is completed, The score at the time it was stopped will be valid.


If a match is abandoned for any reason before its full time has been played, all bets on that match will be voided.

Pitch change In the event of a change in the field where the match will be played, unless the home team has changed Bets placed are valid. If the home team changes with the change of pitch, the bets placed are void. happens.

Winter sports

Tournament winner / Winners: Betting on the team / player that will win the tournament. Even if the team / player that has been bet on does not start the races, the bets are considered valid and no refund will be made.

Winter Olympics: Bets will be settled on the basis of the results of the medal ceremony. Later in the medals Changes to be made do not affect bet results.

Horse Racing

All horse racing bets are accepted under Tattersalls betting rules. In horse racing bets Tattersalls betting rules apply in case of a situation that is not written within the rules of Kralbet. taken.

All bets are settled according to the official results. Changes in results after this point is considered invalid.

Null races are counted as races, but horses participating in these races are deemed not to run.


Antepost betting market is for future races. The bets to be made in this market are all-inclusive. makes. There is no guarantee that the horse you bet on will complete the race. Half unable to complete or race Bets on horses not starting will not be refunded. Early morning prices / race day prices

After the final decisions before the race, no race will be held for horses that will not run. Because of the horses that don't run The deductions described below are applied from the bets. Horses not running and withdrawals from the race

If  horse is withdrawn from the race before the horses are announced to start the race or If it is declared not to participate, all bets on this horse will be void. All bets on this horse are refunded and this Winning bets on the race are deducted according to Tattersalls rules.

The rate of deductions to be made varies according to the rate of the horse withdrawn from the race. Deduction rates as shown below;


If a winning bet did not pay off at the rate you expected, the first thing to check is to race. whether it was interrupted due to the horses withdrawn from the run.

Bets on all races will be interrupted if there is a horse that does not participate in the race. the rate depends on the horse withdrawn from the race at the time of withdrawal. Table below deductions according to the rates show the proportions. Deduction Calculation Example: 1. Assume that you bet GBP 100 on a horse at odds of 8.00. 2. Let's assume that 30 minutes before the race, it was announced that a horse with a ratio of 6.00 would not be able to run. 3. The last rate announced on the horse that will not run is 6.00. 4. When the horse you bet on wins the race at odds of 8.00, you will normally win 8.00x100 = 800 GBP. 5. However, this earning will be interrupted because it is the horse that does not run in this race.

Your winnings: ((Your stake-1) x (1-penalty rate) x Your stake + Your stake)) = (8-1) x (1 - 0.15) x GBP 100 + GBP 100 = 7 x 0.85 x GBP 100 + GBP 100 = GBP 695

You can find the 15% deduction rate applied in this example in the above deduction rates table.

If a deduction is applied to a race you bet on, the original odds and the actual odds in your betting summaries in your account The rate (rate after deduction) will be displayed as 8.00 (6.95). Double Participation

If a horse is listed as running in 2 races, bets are accepted until the race time and this horse is it is treated as a horse that does not run in a race it does not run Runs Renewed

If a horse is not included in the restarted races due to an incorrect start or for any other reason, that horse bets made will be deemed void.

In this case, the earnings from other running horses are interrupted as described above.


If a race is canceled, all bets will be void. If the race is postponed to any other date, until the race is made. bets remain valid. However, bets will be voided if the following situations occur: o If the race is canceled. o Officially the race is void. o If the conditions of the race change. o If the racetrack changes. o If the runway type changes

Horsehead Condition

If horsehead condition occurs in the race, the amount of bet on the winning horses is divided by the number of horses that have won the race. Payments are made with a reduced stake on the odds. The remainder of the amount is considered lost.


All bets are placed on named greyhounds.

Ante-Post bets are considered to be all or out of runners whether they enter or not.

When a race is run again, all bets stand. If a bet is voided and not re-run, the entire bets are void.

Bet if a named greyhound (No Reserve) is selected and a substitute runs in place of the named hound is considered not to run.

All bets will be void regardless of vacancies, invalid races and abandoned race days. If there is a large number of winners, the tie rules apply for the final result. It is valid as long as planned and completed.

Payment will be made according to the official result of the races. a reasonable explanation of improper price manipulation. reserves the right to void any bets if it has doubts or findings.

Gaelic Sports

Winning bet: Predict which team will win the match.

All match markets are based on official time only (including extra time). Unless extra time is specified is invalid. 3. Bets are void if either team fails to play. 4. If the match is abandoned before its completion, bets are void. 5. All matches postponed to another day will be void. 6.If a match is relocated, it has already been entered, provided that the home team is still the home team. bets are valid. If the home and away team positions change for a match on the list, they are based on the original roster. placed bets will be void. 7. Bets will be settled according to the official GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association) results.

Winter sports

Winner: Predict which team / participant will win the match. Participants who did not participate bets will be refunded.

Winter Olympics: Competitions are official after the original medal ceremony. After that the consequences will be done no changes will be counted.